Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Oasis 23, May 28-30, 2010

Elissa Malcohn, with Mitchell Botwin

On May 28-30 I attended Oasis, the Orlando-area science fiction/fantasy/horror convention.

I sat next to and enjoyed great conversations with Mitchell Botwin of Wonderous Things. My display was the same as for the Hudson Library Author Fair (see previous entry for links).

K.L. Nappier

K.L. Nappier and I bunked together at the La Quinta about ten miles from the convention site. Kathy's latest release is Voyagers, which I couldn't put down. While this was also true for her books Full Wolf Moon and its sequel, Bitten, Voyagers stands out for me because it's in a genre -- paranormal mystery/romance -- that I generally don't read. Kathy's character development, social commentary, and pacing pulled me right in.

Lakisha Spletzer 1

Lakisha Spletzer 2

Lakisha Spletzer's table was around the corner from mine. Kisha reports on Oasis here and here. I've got the e-book versions of her novels in hand and look forward to firing them up!

Linda S. Cowden

Linda S. Cowden holds up a copy of her book Grimmie. Also check out Spooky Empire, where Linda is heading up the Author Panel Track.

Tony and Glenda Finkelstein

Tony and Glenda Finkelstein.

Oasis Poetry Panel

Oasis Poetry Panel - Close-up

I was on two panels at Oasis: "Voices from Alternate Worlds" and "Poetry Hour," where I read here along with (L-R) Bruce Boston, Marge Simon, John Tumlin, and (to the right) Chris Ambrose, and Marina Buryak.

Wandering Zombie

A zombie wanders the halls. Hanging in the background is the Oasis signature rocket.

Thanks to coordinator Juan Sanmiguel and all the Oasis volunteers!

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