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The following collection of links includes some items specific to Deviations from before I started this blog, and others that are writing process-oriented in general....

Writing-oriented entries from Chronicles From Hurricane Country:
  • "Poetic License" -- Contains information about state and national poetry contests.

  • "Documentation" -- On journaling, including a translation from journal material to published fiction.

  • "Getting It On the Page" -- About the free-writing group I established in July 2004 and that I continue to facilitate.

  • "Collaborations" -- On how I relate to my characters. This entry includes excerpts from Mary Watkins' book Invisible Guests: The Development of Imaginal Dialogues (Analytic Press, 1986). If you think you're nuts because you talk to your characters and they talk back, this entry is for you.

  • "Going Native" -- On returning to the industry after a long absence.

  • "Surfing the Continuum" -- On inspiration, visions, the ecstasy of creation, and (in my case) the mysticism behind the writing.

  • "Dancing With the Muse" -- Link and response to posts by writer Lary (one 'r') Crews on combating writer's block, which inspired my blog on Tribe.Net.

  • "Ten Days, 10,714 Words" -- Notes on writing using a non-linear approach.

  • "Cruising Altitude" -- More on nonlinear process and shaping the draft of Book #4.

  • "Red Shoes Time" -- On obsession and how my characters take over.

  • "Neologism" -- I come up with a new word while struggling with the draft.

  • "100,000 and Counting" -- A word-count milestone.

  • "Inspiration and Expiration" -- Musings on writing and mortality.

  • "Necronomicon" -- Report of the first science fiction convention I've attended in almost 20 years, where I connected with Koboca Publishing. In 2007 I switched publishers, from Koboca to Aisling Press, continuing work with many of the same people as before.

  • "NoJoMo" -- Taken from my course handout on journaling, to mark the start of November Journaling Month.

  • "Mushrooming" -- From query to book contract in eight days.

  • "A Bit of Time Travel" -- A writing retrospective going back to the 1970s.

  • "Dictionary Heaven" -- On Webster's Online Dictionary with Multilingual Thesaurus Translation, compiled by Philip M. Parker of INSEAD.

  • "Live at Vacuum Genesis" -- In addition to some discussion on structure, this entry links to an interview with me, conducted by speculative poet Scott A. Kelly. The old link to the interview is inactive, but it's been re-posted here. I've also posted a .pdf file.

  • "Killing Trees" -- On manuscript tweaking and the vagaries of Word.

  • "Raw Data" -- Inspired by Sunday Scribblings prompt #73, "Dear Diary," this entry follows up and expands on my earlier entry, "Documentation" (see above).

  • "My Reading Assignment" -- Includes discussion on watching for craft and the correspondence between decisions made in cinema and those made in writing (beyond screenwriting).

  • "Muse Fuel" -- Inspired by the Sunday Scribblings prompt #107, "Compose," this entry addresses the influence of music on my writing.

  • "The future of the planet" -- Inspired by the Sunday Scribblings prompt #108, "The future of the planet," the latter half of this entry responds to a post from someone afraid to submit larger works.

  • "Blurred Vision" -- For the love of crap and its importance to writing. Linked in with the Sunday Scribblings prompt #117, "Vision."

  • Writing-related blogs:
    Some material in the entries above are included in the blogs listed below, which I'd started after I'd begun Chronicles From Hurricane Country.
  • Still Dancing on Live Journal. Shares some material with Dancing With the Muse, but Still Dancing gives me more html capability.

  • Dancing With the Muse on This blog also records my progress in drafting the fourth book in the Deviations series.

  • Resources
  • The Writing, Editing, and Research resources page on my website. I update this page whenever I find a Web resource that gets me excited.

  • I'll be adding to this list as appropriate and have included a link to it in my sidebar.


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    I am really enjoying this list of links, Elissa. Thanks for posting it. Your article "Inspiration and Expiration" is a particular favorite. Funny, I go the other way. I write about teens so I can pretend to feel "ten-foot-tall and bullet-proof" again. That article resonates with me.


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