Sunday, March 07, 2010

Just In Time for Oscar Night

My poem "Far From the Pleasure Garden" has been accepted to A Sea of Alone: Poems For Alfred Hitchcock, forthcoming from Dark Scribe Press.

Friday provided an at-home photo-op:

Glove Story

Mary was putting together a set of bookshelves. It was partially assembled when I got home, but her gloves are what caught my attention. Not realizing I'd set my timed shutter-release, she inadvertently moved them, which created the bottom shot. I thought the second image only added to the story.

This morning I found our TV remote on the same shelf as the gloves.

Who's Got the Remote?

Today marks the start of Read an E-Book Week. Writes Steve Jordan at the MobileRead Forums, "As the list of partners and promoters of e-books has grown, the number of participating authors and publishers has increased enormously. On Smashwords, over 3,000 authors will participate in the promotional event. Blio, QBook, Diesel E-Books and Sylvan Dell Publishing have joined most recently. The event has been mentioned as far away as Poland and England and as close to home as the Huffington Post. And the exposure to e-books being created by the soon-to-be-released iPad is drawing even more interested parties in."

Happy Birthday to Malachai Nicolle, who turned six yesterday. Malachai's storytelling genius gets channeled through his 29-year-old brother Ethan's amazing art into the phenomenon that is Axe Cop. I am thoroughly smitten with these guys.

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