Sunday, July 05, 2009

Interview Coming Up at Conversations LIVE!

On Monday, July 6, I'll be interviewed by host Cyrus A. Webb on Conversations LIVE!, Blog Talk Radio, at 1 p.m. Eastern Time. The show is sponsored by The Write Stuff Literacy Campaign.

Back on May 28, I was interviewed by Mark Eller, host of Chronicles, also on BTR. That show is now available as a podcast here and elsewhere.

As someone on dial-up, I know how it feels to wait through a download. With that in mind -- and to provide links to websites Mark and I mentioned, along with some accompanying photos -- I've transcribed the show, cleaning up some word repetitions and the like. Click here for the transcript.

Cover for Deviations: Covenant, Second EditionCover for Deviations: Appetite

Vol. 1, Deviations: Covenant (2nd Ed.)
Vol. 2, Deviations: Appetite
Free downloads of both volumes here.

Go to to access Covenant and Appetite in even more formats!

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